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Yeast was making my little boy sick

Reviewed by Andrea Jones "carebearandrea"
November 3rd, 2005

We have been SCD since 2/05. We say an almost immediate change in my son. We started SCD after a recommendation from a friend whos daughter was also on it. My son's symptoms were severe diarreha, gas, bloting and because of all of this very cranky and irritable. We determined that he had chronic intestinal yeast (from antibiotic use for severe ear infections) that had taken over his intestines. The yeast was preventing his intestines from breaking down food and absorbing the required nutrients to live. In 2 weeks he went from 10 DBM's a day to 1-2 normal ones. He was much happier and seemed like a "normal" child. He is now thriving. He can eat almost anything on the diet. His current favorites are pumpkin pie, icecream and anything with cheese. I believed this diet saved my son's life. I don't know where he would be now if he still was unable to digest food...and I'm glad, thanks to this diet, that I will never have to find out!

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For those of us who are relieved to have access to information which empowers us to take care of ourselves, this book is a godsend. With it I have been able to completely regain my health without the use of medications. It is a tragedy that this information is not available to everyone with digestive disorders, so that we all can make informed personal choices about how we wish to approach our treatment. People with the determination to regain their health will almost certainly benefit from learning about this diet.
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- Nancy Emerson
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