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A Best Bet

Reviewed by Hugh Victor "Naturopathic Doctor"
July 14th, 2005

If you want to get to the root of the problem, heal your GI tract and not just cover up symptoms, this is your best bet book. I highly recommend it to parents of autistic children, allergy sufferers, and especially anyone with "incurable" celiac disease, colitis or other serious digestive problems. This book is the probable (but uncredited) source of much of the good information in the bestselling "The Maker's Diet." To complete your library, I'd also like to recommend the encyclopedic "Digestive Wellness" by Elizabeth Lipski. Also read"The No Grain Diet" by Joseph Mercola for more information about what's so bad about breads, pastas and grains (all of them, not just those containing gluten). Last but not least, get "The Whole Soy Story" by Kaayla T. Daniel for surprising information about links between soyfoods and digestive distress, flatulence, celiac disease and pancreatitis. I was having good luck helping patients using the other dietary tips, but success improved dramatically once I also had them remove soy from their diets.

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I believe, from my own experience, that this book saves lives. I am very grateful that I found this book.
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- Tomicus
Amazon customer

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