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Skeptical MD's Wife Ulcerative Colitis 10 yrs.-total remissi

Reviewed by Roger Jackson
February 5th, 2004

CeCelia has Ulcerative Colitis of 10 yrs. duration that has progressed from distal proctitis to near universal colitis on her last yearly colonoscopy.
She was having flare ups several times yearly controlled with Prednisone. She usually was on Mesalamine or Azulfidine.
Of course she had the usual cramps and urgency and chronic bleeding (for years) and iron deficiency.
In the Spring 2003 she had a flare despite just ending a 6 wk. Prednisone taper.

She tried Molocure for 2 months but stated that it was ineffective and stopped it.
She then found " The Breaking the Vicious Cycle " low (grain) carbohydrate diet, with homemade yogurt, and fruit. She has religiously stuck to the diet after reading the book.
Although the diet has been tough she has had a rather remarkable and sustained response for 6 months. No bleeding, slight urgency only and solid stools-- she takes Citrucel for the spastic colon now.
She will have another colonoscopy in the next few months and it should be much less inflamed. She encourages everyone to read the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle".
Hope this helps.

Addendum 2/03/04 Today she had her follow up colonoscopy after ten months of the SCD diet (Breaking the Vicious Cycle). The colonoscopy was entirely NORMAL! The gastroenterologist was visibly suprised. He suggested a repeat colonoscopy in 5 yrs.
PS any suggestions on where to share this story on the web for ulcerative colitis and crohns people?
(The SCD is all-natural and includes meat/fish/chicken, eggs, butter, homemade yogurt, natural cheeses, nuts, honey, fruit, and vegetables. The diet does not include grains, potatoes, rice, various food additives, margarine, sugar, soy, or processed foods. )

Best Regards,
Roger Jackson, MD

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