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Carbohydrate - Ensuring Adequate Levels on SCD

Andrew Cutler Ph.D. on the autism-mercury group writes:-
I generally think the SCD™is pretty useful and do recommend it often in file reviews. Many I know of had good experiences with it.

Others have had horrible experiences and I think I know what the issue is and how to avoid it.

Many of these kids have underperforming adrenal glands. People with inadequate adrenal function can't make their own blood sugar from other things and must have some carbohydrate in their diet. not a lot, but
they do very poorly on an Atkins or keto diet.

Many parents who do the SCD™avoid fruit due to it's supposed relation to yeast. Then their picky eaters won't touch the squashes and other vegetables that are the few remaining carbohydrate sources on the SCD. Honey is permissible but many won't use it or their kids don't like it. (you may wish to try a variety of different honeys, they can taste quite a bit different depending on what flowers the bees visited).

The kids accidentally end up on the SCD™+ atkins diet, not just the SCD.

One sign that your kid is "on Atkins" is dark urine.

If you have a hyperactive, or stress sensitive, or suspense intolerant kid or one you know has adrenal problems and you want to use the SCD™ you must ensure they consume an adequate amount of permissible
carbohydrate daily. It doesn't have to be a lot, 1 or 2 grams per pound is probalby enough, but they have an absolute metabolic requirement for glucose or equivalent - it is an essential nutrient for them just like vitamins and minerals and protein are.

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Through the (SCD) Specific Carbohydrate Diet, explained in this book, our son was able to get off medication and thrive. He healed himself and was able to go away to college. Last month he had a relapse, had surgery and by going back on the diet he was able to put himself in remission. The doctors are amazed with his latest tests and told him he did not need medication, but he must stick to the diet. I have bought over a dozen of these books and shared them with doctors, family members, and friends. I strongly recommend this book for any IBD/IBS issues.
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