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Carbohydrates In Fruit

Elaine writes:
The reason fruits are allowed on the diet was because after 60 years of practicing medicine Dr. Haas concluded that not only were they well tolerated but he stated in his textbook that the sugars they contain are monosaccharides and they contain no starch. When I took it upon myself to find out more, I came to further conclusions. But, yes, they are tolerated and they do not contain complex carbohydrates except for indigestible cellulose in the cell walls and peels of the fruit.

Cellulose is an in digestible carb which makes it sound as tho it should be illegal. When it is added to things, I don't like it much. However, cellulose is in all fruits and veggies and my feeling is that in its natural source and when the veggies and fruits are cooked (at the beginning of the diet) all will be OK.

Throughout evolution, homo sapiens ate fruits and veggies and even though it feeds some bacteria, I do believe we are adapted to the natural fiber (cellulose) in these foods and that it maintains the normal good guy bacteria in our guts if we don't overdo it with things like fiber in the bottle or in the cereal dish.

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The book should be required reading for anyone with Crohn's disease and we wish gastroenterologists would read it as well. The diet is a real alternative to the drug based therapy from the medical community.
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- Bruce Senn
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