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Carrageenan and Seaweed

Elaine writes:
Seaweeds are forbidden because of the abundance of research dealing with carrageenan, a seaweed. Two researchers, Watson and Marcus, upon investigating a pharmaceutical made out of hydrolyzed carrageenan, found that the tiniest miniscule of it in the drinking water of numerous laboratory animals caused ulcerative colitis.

Seaweed is high in polysaccharides. It may be called a "sea vegetable" but it sort of falls into the same category of okra (at least, as far as SCD is concerned), and also herbs like marshmallow and slippery elm. Slimy, mucilaginous substances are often prescribed by naturopaths who think the "coating" properties are helpful to the intestines. They aren't. We who have compromised guts cannot digest this stuff - but our bugs can have quite a party on it.

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Through the (SCD) Specific Carbohydrate Diet, explained in this book, our son was able to get off medication and thrive. He healed himself and was able to go away to college. Last month he had a relapse, had surgery and by going back on the diet he was able to put himself in remission. The doctors are amazed with his latest tests and told him he did not need medication, but he must stick to the diet. I have bought over a dozen of these books and shared them with doctors, family members, and friends. I strongly recommend this book for any IBD/IBS issues.
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