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Potassium - Time Release

Elaine writes:
This is from The Peoples' Pharmacy by Joe Graedon. On page 247 As far back
as 1975, the highly respected journal, "Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics" urged cauton:

"A recent letter to physicans from the Ciba Phrmaceutical Company announced the marketing of Slow-K-slow release potassium chloride tablets-and claimed the product is an improtant new advance in potassium supplement herapy...In spite of the slow release, small bowel ulceration and structure have been reported. Conclusion-Slow release potassium tablets such as Slow-K and Kaeon-Cl Tabs are dangerous and should not be used."

Supplementation of the regular diet with potassium-rich foods is the safest way to prevent hypokalemia (potassium depletion) in patients taking diuretics. The article goes on for pages. It states that the danger is even greater for people who are taking other drugs like Elavil (amitriptyline), etc.

This warning is mainly for the solid form which is coated in a wax matrix. There is something called Micro-K which Dr. Graedon thinks is safer.

Originally from the Long Island listserve.

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I was introduced to this diet 7 years ago. Began the diet with my physicians knowledge and was able to go prescription drug free within a year. The diet really works and the book not only gives the how to and recipes, it gives the scientific information to back up the evidence. I highly recommend this book/guide to all that suffer from intestinal disorders.
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- C. Cash
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