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SCD In Comparison to the Atkins Diet

In response to a question about how SCD differs from the Atkins diet,

Seth writes:
The Atkins diet puts a cap on the amount of total carbohydrates you can eat, these include monosaccharides as well as starches. A lot of prepackaged Atkins foods are laced with soy and other starchy type things - things not allowed on the SC Diet.

The SC Diet puts no cap on the amount of total carbs allowed in a day, but restricts the type of carbs allowed - only simple sugars - monosaccharides. So we are not allowed to eat starches, no matter the quantity.

So if you were on the Atkins diet, you could eat bread, as long as it is under the carb limit. On the SC diet, you cannot eat bread, but you can eat unlimited quantities of the allowed carbs, say fruit for example. (However, in real life, you may not want to eat 8 pounds of blueberries at one sitting).

Originally from the Long Island listserve.

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