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In BTVC it says no seeds until three months after the last symptom disappears. So, I am wondering if that means to seed all of our fruits and vegetables until then, and hold off using any spices made from seeds. I would assume that means definitely no crushed or whole seed spices, but where I get confused is about some of the finely ground spices, like cumin or coriander or dry mustard, to name a few. Is it ok to use these finely ground seed spices before three months symptom free, so long as they don't cause any new symptoms or exacerbate existing symptoms?

Elaine writes:
I did not mean seeds such as zucchini squash seeds nor cucumber seeds. Nor did I mean crushed spices made from seeds. I meant using a lot of sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. There were many reasons why I said this. Among the reasons were: (1) seeds are nutritious but do contain minuscule amounts of cyanide (so does B12) and I didn't want people to have them at the start: (2) I was playing defense writing because people are told by their doctors that if they have diverticulae in the colon (diverticulosis), the seeds will get stuck and make them sick (they aren't told that these diverticulae are pockets of bacteria and what is making them sick is all the fermentation going on in these pockets.)

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