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Whey Isolate

First of all, I do believe I have a section on my website about whey - with lactose or not.
It is an inferior protein. Having watched a lot of history unfolding, I hate to see you parents being used for economic gain. For many years, whey, a byproduct of cheese manufacture was dumped wherever possible - most of the time in farmers' creeks. Because it contained so much carbohydrate (lactose) it caused bacteria to ferment it vigorously and the stench was horrendous. Farmers complained for miles around. Finally, the Dept. of Agriculture decided to turn another waste product into money and posted all sorts of new bulletins about how wonderful whey was. In biochemistry, we learn it is an inferior protein and one which is most apt to cause allergic reactions. Perhaps those promoting it do not know biochemistry nor history but this is my take on whey anything. The best protein is casein - as my website tells you, it was ued by developing countries (as well as industrialized countries) as the best protein to help children dying from diarrhea from cholera, etc. to regain health. Those who do not know history are doomed to live through the same mistakes.


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The book should be required reading for anyone with Crohn's disease and we wish gastroenterologists would read it as well. The diet is a real alternative to the drug based therapy from the medical community.
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- Bruce Senn
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