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John writes:
The exact level of residual sugar in a wine is measured and provided to us from each supplier in a quantity of grams per litre. This level is then compared with a table to see where it lies to indicate the sugar code. The table is as follows (0 is the driest):

Grams Sugar per litre Sugar Code
0.0 to 4.9 - 0
5.0 to 14.9 - 1
15.0 to 24.9 - 2
25.0 to 34.9 - 3
35.0 to 44.9 - 4
45.0 to 54.9 - 5
55.0 to 64.9 - 6
65.0 to 74.9 - 7
75.0 to 84.9 - 8
85.0 to 94.9 - 9

One's impression of a wine's sweetness is sometimes influenced by the grape variety used in a particular wine. This may occur when a wine is not properly balanced between acidity and sweetness, or if a wine borders on either end of the sugar scale, making it appear that it is off by one number. As well, a typical Riesling may seem sweeter than indicated due to its fruity taste. In contrast, a red tannic wine may seem drier than indicated due to the bitter, mouth-drying characteristics of tannins.

Originally from the Long Island listserve.

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