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Yoghurt - How to Make Dripped Yoghurt (Cream Cheese)

Dripped Yoghurt is also called cream cheese or yoghurt cheese.
It is a very good substitute for the dry curd cottage cheese used in many recipes.

1/ To drip your yoghurt you need 3 items, a container to catch the water that drips off, a sieve or colander and a cloth to line the sieve. 2/ Put the sieve on the bowl 3/ Line it with the cloth. The cloth can be cheesecloth, linen, a handkerchief, muslin or any fine cloth as long as it is sterilized 4/ The yoghurt ready to drip. It is tilted here to show the water of hydrolysis that has already separated
5/ This shows the sort of consistency we should get with full fat cows milk 6/ Pour it into the cloth 7/ You can drip it at room temperature or some drip it in the fridge. I don't think it makes much difference either way to the resulting viable bacteria 8/ Cover it with a plate or cloth and leave it for 5 to 8 hours
9/ Six hours later you can see how much drier it is and how the volume has reduced 10/ Tip it into a tupperware like container 11/ The resulting dripped yoghurt is almost pure casein. Put the lid lid on and into the fridge 12/ Water of hydrolysis is left over and contains galactose, proteins like lactoalbumin and some lactic acid.


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