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Yoghurt - What Kind of Milk Starter to Use

The Milk to use

The richer the milk, i.e. the more butterfat or milk fat it contains, the less tart and the thicker the yoghurt will be. You can add cream and many make it with half milk to half cream. Cream and milk before fermentation are illegal as they contain lactose. Cream contains less lactose than milk and the more fat it contains the less lactose it has. Because cream has more fat than milk it contains less lactose. Ensure the milk or cream you use has no additives such as milk solids, carrageenan, xanthum gum, dextrose, emulsifiers or sweeteners.

Ready made yoghurt mixes of milk powders and yoghurt starter are not to used on the SCD™ as some of them have too high a concentration of additional milk solids which have been added by the manufacturer.

Goat Yoghurt

Yoghurt made from Goats Milk has become the yoghurt of first choice for children with autism, gut disorders or seizures. Many adults find that they too tolerate it much better than cows milk yoghurt. It is normally more expensive though but well worth it for the benefits it can give.

Goats milk is more like human milk so we are less likely to have an allergic reaction to it. The protein molecules (casein) in goat milk are shorter than the protein molecules in cow milk, and are more delicate. There are lots of other differences, for more information go to Casein sensitivity by Tanya Krivel. The process for making goat yoghurt is similar to cows milk yoghurt except that because it is more delicate you must only heat it to 185F or 85C. Also you may want to use a starter that is free of cows milk see starters.

If you have difficulty finding a good source of milk in your area this site may be of use.

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