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Homemade yogurt

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Why SCD™ Yoghurt is Important

  • The SCD™ corrects the balance of bacteria types in the gut by eliminating the food supply of the undesirable types and so starves them out. Introducing SCD™ yoghurt aids this process as it repopulates the gut with beneficial bacteria which further displaces the harmful bacterial.
  • SCD™ yoghurt is also very nutritious and contains proteins vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and much more!
  • As the yogurt bacterial culture breaks down the lactose into simpler forms
  • we will absorb the simpler carbohydrate molecules instead of their feeding
    overgrowth of bacteria in the lower intestine.
  • Its is often claimed that we can get more good bacteria from taking commercial probiotics. This is not the case and yoghurt is a very low cost source of probiotics. 24hr SCD™ yoghurt has a concentration of 3 billion cfu/ml which means that in just a cup of Yoghurt (236ml) you'll get 708 Billion beneficial bacteria and that's about 50 times more than that claimed for a typical 15 billion capsule.
  • 24hr yoghurt also has a higher probiotic count than commercial yoghurt because it is fermented longer.
  • The bacteria in yoghurt are fresh and in the environment they grew in, contrast this to the bacteria in a capsule which will be dormant.
  • Because the cultures produce lactic acid from the lactose in the milk, many people who are lactose intolerant are able to tolerate yoghurt.

Consideration of your condition and SCD™ yoghurt

Introducing yoghurt to your diet.

Many find huge improvement to their condition when they start taking the yoghurt, others can have problems at first. After the starter diet has been completed the yoghurt can be tried by introducing it very slowly. Try a teaspoon the first day and watch for any reaction, if all is well, try two the second day, gradually increase it each day. If you have a reaction to it then there may not have been enough healing yet and it may be best to leave it for now and try again later. Or you could try goats 24 hr SCD™ yoghurt which has wonderful success with autistic children and is the recommended yoghurt for them. Goats milk is much more delicate than cows milk and it has a different type of casein in it. Therefore people sensitive to cows milk casein might not be sensitive to goats milk casein.

If despite trying 24 hr SCD™ goats yoghurt you are still sensitive to it then it should be excluded from your diet until more healing has occurred. Try it again after a month or two of being on the SCD™.

Before starting the SCD™ many people believed that they couldn't tolerate yoghurt but after some SCD™ healing they find that the 24hr SCD™ yoghurt helps them greatly.

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source: Breaking the Vicious Cycle website

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We got this book after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal. From Day 1, my husband felt better. His spirits are up, and I see the joyful and optimistic man I married returning! He sees the results, and has become absolutely manic about sticking to the diet. During the first few days he was worried about all the things he couldn't eat - now he raves about all the things he still CAN eat, and is loving it all.
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