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The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™, as outlined in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

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Acorn Squash
Agar-agar Illegal

Contains polysaccharides.  See wikipedia:agar-agar

Agave syrup Illegal
Algae Illegal We do not use algae (Spirulina) because IBD involves the immune system and algae can aggravate an already disturbed immune system.
Allspice As long as you're just using Allspice as a cooking spice, it's legal. Don't use the oil, see Allspice
Almond butter Almond butter with no sugar added is allowed.
Almond milk May be tried after being on the diet for 6 months.
Almond oil
Almonds Nuts sold in mixtures are not allowed, as most are roasted with a starch coating. Nuts should only be used as nut flour, in recipes, until diarrhea has subsided.
Aloe Vera Illegal It contains mucilaginous polysaccharides as well as increasing the release of tumor necrosis factor which is associated with IBD inflammation and increased immune stimulation.
Amaranth flour Illegal Amaranth is a grain substitute, contains starches and so is not allowed.
Apple Cider It is brown and not clear as apple juice is. It should be just straight pressed apples. It is usually pasteurized in order to kill bacteria. Cider should be diluted with water before drinking.
Apple Juice Illegal Apple juice usually has sugar added during processing. Apple cider is allowed. It should be brown and not clear as apple juice is. Cider should be diluted with water before drinking.
Arrowroot Illegal It is a mucilaginous herb. Mucilaginous herbs are loaded with starch. This starch is food for the pathogens that the SCD™ is designed to starve out.
Artichokes (French)

They are the green artichokes that you steam, then dip the leaves in lemon butter and scrape off with your teeth. They have edible hearts and an inedible choke.

Artichokes (Jerusalem) Illegal

They are actually a tuber, and are not legal.

Ascorbic acid Should be nothing but Vitamin C.
Asiago cheese May be used occasionally.
Asparagus Fresh or frozen is allowed. Canned vegetables are not allowed.
Aspartame When symptom free, one aspartame sweetened soft drink per week is allowed - Elaine. But see Aspartame in Knowledge Base.
Aspartic acid
Astragalus Illegal contains polysaccharides
Avocado oil Good for mayonaise and salad dressings but might not withstand heat very well
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