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Breaking the Vicious Cycle

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In 2001-2002, a handful of moms started using the SCD for their children who suffered from autism. As the children experienced positive results, news of the SCD began spreading within the autism community.

Soon, several moms began contacting Elaine Gottschall directly. The benefits of the diet became apparent to both parents as well as several health care practitioners who integrated the SCD into their autism practices. As a result, in 2004, they invited Elaine to speak at the Defeat Autism Now conference. The impact of her presentation led to appearances at 3 more large conferences as well as many consultations with doctors and nurses treating autism.

Since that time, the SCD has been used by hundreds of people in the autism community with dramatic results.


In September 2005, Elaine passed away at the age of 84. For those seeking guidance on using the SCD for symptoms of autism, we recommend the following resources:

Autism-related Links Posted Before 2006:

About Autism Chapter from the 10th printing of Breaking the Vicious Cycle
The DAN Conference 2004 by Raman Prasad. A wonderful story on the effect that SCD™is having on the World of Autism
Pam Ferro on her Son Isaiah improving dramatically on SCD™ (
after 6 years on GFCF with poor results)
Recognizing Celiac behavior and catching it early by using SCD™ - would it prevent Autism? By Elaine Gottschall
Autism and GI Problems By Jody Goddard


The SCD, Autism, and Dairy Products

If you are using the SCD for autism, do not include any dairy products except ghee*.

In regards to introducing or trying any type of yogurt, wait at least 12 months and then proceed cautiously. 

* Ghee contains neither lactose nor casein.

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My 10-month-old son began having horribly smelly diapers, losing weight, and becoming lethargic and moody. This went on for several months, while I watched my baby dwindle. For the first 6 months of his life, he was consistently at the 75th percentile on all growth charts, and that number plummeted during these months. This book has changed all of our lives! He is now 15-months-old; we have been on the diet for only about 2 months, and he's already gained almost 3 pounds in that short time! He's happy, silly, and so active! What a blessing this book has been. My 6-year-old son who's struggled with food allergies (milk & wheat) for years has also show MUCH improvement on this diet (dairy-free for now) both physically and mentally. Words can't explain the joy of watching your children flourish after seeing them struggle for so long.
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- Amy Wagner
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